I reported that the Lt. Governor came to News 9 to explain the thinking behind the new logo and branding for the state including the tag line, "Imagine that."

He admitted they were surprised by the blowback from the public. Here's what you had to say:

Connie first: "Caught them by surprise", imagine that!"

Fran wrote: "Should come out of his pocket and his small group of supporters...Did he ask the public???? NO!!!! Bad bad choice !!!!"

Jimmie didn't back trying to break from old images associated with Oklahoma saying, "Nice try at attempting to defend this awful decision."

Micky felt much the same, he wrote: "Hmm cowboys, Indians and coming out the other side of the dust bowl are what helped make this great state what it is."

From Falecia: "This administration could start repairing its relationship with the citizens of Oklahoma by admitting it messed up on several levels with this."

From Sherry: "We, the People, should have had a choice and the option to vote. "

From Elisabeth: "Get rid of the tag line that makes us sound like yocals."

Finally, from Sherri: "They do what they want without THE PEOPLE'S input again. IMAGINE THAT"

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's YOUR 2 Cents.