A former nursing home employee was arrested for allegedly making threats against his former colleagues.

According to police reports, Gabriel Muchemi was fired from Brookwood Skilled Nursing and Therapy for assaulting another staff member.

However, that was far from the last the nursing home heard from him.

“It was Sunday afternoon when officers responded to a threat phone call, or a call from somebody making threats via text messages,” Oklahoma City Police Master Sgt. Gary Knight said.

Employees reported receiving vulgar text messages from Muchemi, littered with curse words, misogyny, and threats.

“The threats were of a very serious nature, not only talked about doing harm to them, but also talked about blowing places up, things along those lines,” Knight said.

According to police reports, the suspect had made threats at other nursing homes in the past.

Officers arrested Muchemi this week, and he remains behind bars facing numerous complaints.

A Brookwood official sent News 9 the following statement:

"We take the responsibility to protect our residents and employees very seriously. When informed of the conduct and the potential threats made by a former employee, we contacted the police and have cooperated fully with their investigation throughout this matter. Our goal will continue to be to take the actions required to ensure the safety of this facility and those within it."