University of Oklahoma students in the Black Emergency Response Team group plan to take drastic measures until their demands are met.

This comes after two professors allegedly used the "N-word" during their classes within a couple of weeks.

During Wednesday morning’s protest, nearly 50 students sat outside OU’s Provosts Office asking for Kyle Harper’s resignation, effective immediately.

A leader of the Black Emergency Response Team spoke during today's protest demanding no more meetings or silence.

“You either meet our demands or you starve us of our freedom, of justice. We’ve been waiting too long,” a BERT leader said.

The group demands that there be mandatory equality training for all faculty.

They also demand a semester-long class for all incoming and transfer students on diversity training as well as a multicultural center, a place for marginalized groups to meet on campus.

Until then, they said they will protest day and night.

“We’ve been tied up in bureaucracy for too long,” a BERT leader said. “It’s time for action and it’s time for justice. Meet us or see us here every day.”

Students protesting said they will not leave until they have a signed resignation from Provost Harper.

You can find the full list of BERT’s demands for the University of Oklahoma below.