Dramatic helmet cam video captured a weekend apartment fire that damaged more than a dozen units.

It happened near Southwest 89th Street and Drexel.

Monday, the Oklahoma City Fire Department released the video and a desperate call to 911.

While in route to the fire, firefighters learned there were two people surrounded by flames trapped in a breezeway.

Caller: We're out in the hallway, but there's fire on both sides of us!                                                  

911: Okay, you can't get out? You're trapped in the hallway?                                             

Caller: Yeah, we're trapped in the outside hallway.

The dispatcher tries to navigate the panicked caller to safety.

911: Listen to me is there a closet you can get into?    

Caller: No, no they are all locked we don't have any keys to get in!

With nowhere else to go, and the fire closing in the dispatcher repeatedly tells the woman to get on the ground as she tells him it's getting harder to breath.

911: Listen to me, listen to me ma'am can you get on the ground?              

911: Listen to me take your shirts off and put your shirts over your face okay? 

Caller: I have a blanket. We can't breathe! It's starting. 

911: Take your shirts off put them over your faces. Lay down on the ground, lay down on the ground okay?             

While video does not show the rescue. The woman and other person were pulled to safety once firefighters arrived.

911: How many people is there? We are coming! Stay on the ground.

Caller: ((SCREAMING))        

Despite a partial building collapse, and two firefighters sustaining minor injuries no lives were lost.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.