A week and a day away from Super Tuesday, and it appears Oklahoma Democrats and Independents are having a tough time deciding who to support for president. According to an exclusive News 9 / News On 6 poll, former Vice President Joe Biden holds a slight lead in the Sooner State over former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

This poll, conducted between Feb. 17-21, was taken after last week's Nevada debates.

It shows Biden with 21.2 percent support among those polled, followed closely behind by Bloomberg at 19.8 percent. Those who are unsure come in at 19.3 percent, followed by Bernie Sanders (12.8 percent), Pete Buttigieg (10.1 percent), Oklahoma City native Elizabeth Warren (8.7 percent) and Amy Klobuchar (6.5 percent).

However, pollster Bill Shapard noted that it's likely Oklahomans aren't done changing their minds ahead of the March 3 primary.

"People have changed their mind a lot, and they're going to change them again," he said.

Shapard pointed to polling that indicated almost 43 percent of respondents will or might change their mind again before casting their vote. Of those polled, 38 percent of respondents said they had supported two Democrat candidates heretofore and 16.1 percent had supported three candidates or more.

Bernie Sanders won the Oklahoma primary in 2016 with almost 52 percent of the vote, beating Hillary Clinton by more than 10 percentage points.

Biden has yet to finish atop any caucus or primary thus far.