Customers can now buy lottery tickets at any metro 7-Eleven store. They’ve even added a new way to buy the tickets.

Over 100 7-Eleven stores unveiled new lottery machines on Monday. They're all self-serviced and will make available every product the lottery offers, and you can even cash tickets up to $600 right at the machine.

“We see about a million customers a day so that's quite a bit of traffic,” said Sarah Hartman, Marketing Director for 7-Eleven. “When we spoke to the lottery, they were excited, hoping that this could help to add to that education fund money that the lottery goes towards.”

7-Eleven said this launch is a step in the right direction not only for the stores, but also the lottery.

"Selling tickets at 7-Eleven has been a goal for the Oklahoma Lottery for many years and we are excited about this opportunity to partner with them,” said Jay Finks, Oklahoma Lottery Deputy.

And it's good for customers too, who said it's convenient.

“Came in the store and I saw the machine and I’m like what are they doing over there?” said Dedra Davis, a customer. “So it was cool, catches your eye and kind of makes you want to go and try it and see what's going on.”

Customers can also purchase items like limited-edition scratchers, as well as 1000 7-Eleven gift cards. Hartman said the new machines are state of the art.

“We have these in all 108 locations that we have in the metro, so we're really excited to bring this all out, all at once to our customers across the metro,” said Hartman.