Seventeen-year-old Kaleb Claywell’s body is covered in bruises, stiches and staples after two suspects tied him up, stabbed him and left him for dead inside his own home.

The alleged attack happened on February 13, while Kaleb was home alone.

The teen said two men broke-in and attacked him while he was asleep in his bed.

His mother, Jacklyn Claywell Linn, said she believes she knows how the suspects are.

She even called one of them her friend.

“Someone tried to murder my child because I wouldn't smoke weed with them,” Linn said. “They stabbed him numerous times in his body. They pistol-whipped him in his mouth so bad that his teeth went through his head. He has got staples in the back of his head.”

Both mother and son said they have their medical marijuana cards, and that could be the motive for the robbery.

Kaleb said the men were wearing ski-masks, but he recognized one of their voices, and the suspects eyes.

News 9 is not reporting the names because police have not confirmed the information.

Linn said that’s part of the problem.

She reported reaching out to police but has not heard back in five days.

“They aren’t trying to hear what I am telling them,” Linn said.

She now has a new deadbolt on her door and has spent days at the doctor’s office with her son.

The family hopes someone will come forward with a tip to help catch the men responsible.

Linn said they did steal quite a bit from the home.

“They got my weed. They got my clip to my pistol. They took my baby's phone. They took the keys to our cars. The keys to our house,” she said. “I feel like if we reached out to the community, the community will help my baby. Someone is going to say they are somewhere.”

If you have any information, please contact Chickasha Police at (405) 222-6050.