The Oklahoma House Public Safety Committee will hear House Bill 3357 Thursday morning. 

This is the first effort in a long uphill climb to get permitless carry repealed. 

The author behind the bill, Representative Jason Lowe, has been the vocal opponent against permitless carry since it was passed last year in the Oklahoma House and Senate.

Lowe believes since the recent shootings at Penn Square Mall, there has been a larger urge to see the law repealed here in Oklahoma.

"I believe that there is a lot of pressure. The politics on this have changed as far as the shootings at Penn Square," said Lowe.

Lowe says Plan B would put permitless carry back to a vote of the people, an effort Lowe tried to make last year and was not successful in getting enough signatures. He has described permitless carry as a quote "ticking time bomb" and that repealing the law would be a sure way to eventually save lives in Oklahoma.

Meanwhile supporters of permitless carry are considering these efforts as just another attempt to see basic constitutional rights taken away from the people of Oklahoma.

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