The University of Central Oklahoma has suspended a student accused of making threats against two Edmond high schools.

According to court documents he no longer goes to the University. Police and FBI raided Matthew Rexwinkle's family home in Edmond on Saturday. The suspect was convicted in 2015 for another bomb plot.

This time court documents show he planned on strategically placing bombs throughout the schools. Saturday curious neighbors came out of their homes as the grainy video shows police bomb squad and the FBI forcing their way into this house.

Neighbors watched and snapped pictures as investigators carried out multiple boxes. Court documents showed law enforcement responded to this home after repeated attempts to contact Rexwinkle went unanswered.

Investigators became concerned after someone reported disturbing posts to Rexwinkle's Twitter account reading "push comes to shove; I'll knock you to the [expletive] ground."

Another one saying "wow, officially six months left...breathless and scared. Destiny will soon be here..."

Documents show UCO counselors visited with Rexwinkle at length prior to the raid. He told them "he connects" with mass murderers.

Of the items recovered from the home was a video where Rexwinkle is heard saying " he had a four-year plan that would happen in 2020, " and stated " the toll would be high, and in the hundreds of dead and that it will be devastating."

He also showed a map of Edmond North and points out where the bombs will be located. He went on to say he has the same plan for Edmond Memorial but hadn't determined where its bombs would be placed.

Rexwinkle was taken into protective custody and is expected to undergo a mental-health evaluation.