Video circulating on social media shows a group shutting down a major metro highway so that cars could do ‘donuts’ in the middle of the road.

The incident reportedly happened sometime Sunday night in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 240 at Shields Boulevard.

Four lanes of traffic were blocked while the incident took place.

The video shows traffic backed up.

Oklahoma City police said they are investigating the incident.

The video is sparking outrage with members of the Facebook group “405 Streetcars.” Kristopher Wilson, 23, found his passion for cars since he was 19 years old. Wilson called the incident ignorant.

“It is very ignorant, it took quite a few people in order to block up that amount of traffic,” said Wilson. “Maybe a mile it was all backed up (with) people trying to get to work, people coming from work.”

The group believes the stunt may have been inspired by similar incidents in California.

“It is giving everyone in the car community a bad rap,” said Wilson. “It might have looked really nice claiming it was street outlaws who did this, but it really isn't. It’s not cool, it’s not safe. It’s very dangerous.”

‘Donuts’ on any type of terrain can do a number to your vehicle.

“Whenever they’re doing burnouts and such, it can mess up the transmission, roast your tires, it can ruin your rims if you end up blowing a tire,” said Wilson. “It’s a waste of money. You’re wasting hundreds of dollars.”

There were no reports of injuries.

Local car groups urge joyriders to think twice.

“It just makes everyone look bad, it’s going to ruin the relationship that we have with some of the businesses around,” said Wilson.

Similar tire marks have been spotted in the northbound lanes of I-35, closer to downtown Oklahoma City.

Police encourage the public to report this type of behavior.