It has been two months since a terrifying shooting at Penn Square Mall. Oklahoma City police released body camera video on Wednesday of their response to the shooting that injured one person.

Dozens of officers and members of the SWAT team swarmed the mall only minutes after the shooting. They quickly went to work moving hundreds of holiday shoppers and directing heavy traffic.

Officer: “Hey, get out of the way. Go get out of the way there’s an active shooter. Move! You need to move; you need to move.”

Inside the mall another scene unfolded as panicked shoppers and employees ran for cover after hearing gunshots. 

Officer: “What’s going on? Where’s he at? Where’s he at?”

Citizen: “He went to the exit. He’s going out this way.”

What the man saw was an off-duty officer with a gun, but police still had to find the accused shooter 24-year-old Elizha Sanders.

Officer: “No, stop moving! Get down, get down and face down. Get down. Just get down, get out of the way.”

The mall was locked down for hours as the SWAT team searched for the gunman. However, Sanders managed to slip away after the shooting.

Witnesses said Sanders got into a fight at Foot Locker with the victim, 26-year-old Gerron Cobb. The fight turned chaotic when police said Sanders pulled a gun and fired at Cobb.

Sander's attorney said his client acted in self-defense after he was attacked, and that Sanders had a concealed carry permit.

The accused gunman turned himself in the morning after the shooting. Sanders surrendered to police in the parking lot of the Warren Theatre in Moore.

Sanders is charged with one count of assault and battery with a deadly weapon. His next court appearance is March 3.