OKLAHOMA CITY - For a lot of Oklahoma Democrats the debate Wednesday will be an introduction to Bloomberg beyond his ads, which he's spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on in the Sooner State.

The latest polling from Conservative pollster Pat McFerron found 17 to 18 percent of registered Democrats saying they'd vote for Bloomberg and Senator Bernie Sanders making it a statistical tie in Oklahoma.

15 percent of Oklahoma Democrats say they won't be voting in the Super Tuesday primary, although it's unclear as to why not.

While Sanders has surged to a double digit lead, nationally Bloomberg has set his sights on Super Tuesday states like Oklahoma.

"The other candidates have spent the last year camped out in a couple of early primary states, and they've spent very little time in the rest of America and I don't think that's good for our country and for our party," Bloomberg said during a visit to Oklahoma City on Feb. 8.

Warren, Sanders and Klobuchar have all visited Oklahoma during the primary campaign season as well.

Oklahoma Democrats have a semi-open primary for the first time this year, allowing independents to vote in the primary. Each candidate gets some portion of the state's delegates on March 3rd and whether the independent vote plays a role in who gets the most of Oklahoma’s 42 delegates will be a storyline many will anxiously await to unfold.

The debate starts at 8 p.m.