A year after a deadly crash in Shawnee, a mother has learned her son's organ donations have helped save lives.

Logan Deardorff, 18, was killed in January 2019, along with his girlfriend, Shelby Johnson.

Police said a car, driven by Roger Flint, rammed into them and caused Logan’s Ford Mustang to flip.

While their memory lives, a physical piece of Logan is still in this world.

“He was able to give sight to two women. They are actually local in Oklahoma City," Logan’s mother Cheryl McKenzie said. “LifeShare is the organ donation company that handles the different aspects of organ donation.”

Logan has touched lives all over the country, even two women right here in Oklahoma.

 “We don’t know their names. We just know they are both in their 60s. He was able to give vision to both of them,” McKenzie said.

The Tecumseh teen's heart valves were also donated, along with his body tissue.

Logan's mother hopes to hear her son’s heart beat again. To do that, she had to write a letter to the recipients.

 “Which I have. So, that’s actually in the works. It’s up to them if they would like to meet us,” she said.

She's holding on to the positive because the next few weeks will be hard.

Family will face the man accused of causing the deadly crash one week from today. Flint is charged with two counts of manslaughter.

McKenzie said no amount of prison time is enough to justify what was taken from her.

“He took my son, and my son was my world. He changed my life and my family’s life forever,” she said.

Family expect to have a trial date scheduled when Flint appears in court Tuesday.