OKLAHOMA CITY - Starting April 1, 2020 all marijuana products sold by a grower or processor in Oklahoma must be tested by an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority licensed laboratory.
The new requirement became a law back in November of 2019.  
Now labs are popping up across the state, getting the nod from the OMMA. 
Currently, there are just 13 that are fully licensed and only three in Oklahoma City. One of those is Pure Labs OKC.
Dr. Angelica Harper was recently working as a post doctoral fellow at the University of Oklahoma. Now she's excited to be the new Lab Director for Pure Labs OKC.  
"My passion is trying to help people through science, and I feel being here enables me to do that," said  Dr. Harper. 
She said their location opened just two weeks ago, but they have already had a handful of growers come by to get their products tested. 
Pure Labs OKC has a staff of less then five, but together they perform the seven tests that are soon to be required by the OMMA. 

"The person who drops off the sample whether that's the grower or the processor, they pay us to run the tests and we generate a certificate of analysis," said Dr. Harper.

Dr. Harper said the good news, even though labs are just opening, so far her location has seen clean results. 
"For the most part, everything has been clean. We've been really proud of our growers," said Dr. Harper. 
But she sees her new role and Pure Labs OKC as just the start. 
"We are excited to be one of the best labs in Oklahoma as everybody tries to figure out this cannabis thing in our state," said Dr. Harper.
Licensed labs are also inspected by the state's Bureau of Narcotics.
The OMMA said there are many more labs in different stages of the licensing process.