A fight over a parking spot on Friday escalated into a shooting, according to Oklahoma City police. A truck driver was taken to a local hospital in serious condition after he was allegedly shot by a security guard at the TA travel center near Interstate 40 and South Council Road. Police said the guard may have acted in self-defense.

“Most generally if you’re asked to move, you just start up and move or whatever,” said truck driver Jimmy Combs.

Combs said the shooting happened in the reserved parking section of the heavily visited travel center. He was not sure if all the spots were full and that was why the driver parked in a spot that was not reserved for him.  

Police said a security guard on duty confronted the trucker and a fight broke out.

“During that altercation, the guard discharged his firearm because he felt like he had to defend himself,” said Sgt. Brad Gilmore with the Oklahoma City Police Department. “”   

Fellow truck drivers are shocked and upset that a fight over a parking spot escalated into a shooting.

“That’s pretty severe force when you’re taking somebody down for parking in somebody’s parking spot,” said Combs.   

While Combs does not know all of the details of the confrontation, he is sure of one thing.

“Most of the time long haul truck drivers are tired,” said Combs. “They run eight, 10, 12 hours and when they want to go to sleep, they go to sleep. You wake them up, I mean if I get woke up, I’m kind of in a bad mood.”

The victim was taken to the hospital and police did not arrest the accused shooter.

“Detective interviewed the security guard and he was released,” said Gilmore. “It’s a case we’ll present to the district attorney at a later date to see if charges will be filed.”  

The report did not indicate if the driver was armed in any way. Police were unable to speak to him.