University of Oklahoma students of Dr. Peter Gade were able to share their frustrations and concerns with the Dean and Leadership Team of the Gaylord College. This comes after Dr. Gade said the N-word during a lecture on Tuesday.

“It is so crazy that it is 2020 and we are facing this issue so much still especially with what has happened at OU in the past,” said Lexi Spoon, an OU senior and student of Dr. Gade.

Many students are having a hard time coming to terms with what was said.

“A lot of students have said that they don’t believe they can learn from him anymore,” said Gabriel Castillo, a student of Gade’s.

Now, they are still waiting for the administration’s decision on what is next.

“If he is still the professor, I will not be attending the class,” said Janae Reeves.