Oklahoma City police released officer’s body camera footage on Thursday of a September 2019 shooting outside a downtown after-hours night club. Police have not made any arrests from the shooting that injured five people. 

A fight inside the 23 Live Lounge near Northwest 6th Street and Linwood Boulevard last year spilled into the parking lot. A witness said someone yelled "gun" and everyone ran outside.

An officer spoke to a security guard in the parking lot about the moments that led up to the shooting. 

Officer: “Did you see what happened?”

Witness: “This is where it all took place at right here.”

Officer: “Did you see what happened?”

Witness: “All I know is everybody started rushing out of the club.”

Police said five people were shot that night, three were transported by EMSA to a local hospital.

Officers first on the scene rushed to help the victims. One officer had to place a tourniquet on a shooting victim’s leg.

Officer: “Hey man listen you’re going to be in some pain. It’s gonna hurt but we’re going to cut off all the blood, so you don’t lose it.”

Meanwhile, a security guard described how the shooting played out. He said there were two groups that left the parking lot in different directions.

Witness: “Apparently whoever went this way had a car close enough to where they could run back with a gun and they started shooting into the crowd right here.”

Witnesses told police the shooter fired into the crowd with a rifle and left the scene in a white car. Officers never found the suspect, but their body cameras were rolling as they encountered the frightened and injured victims.

Officer: “Where you hit at? Leg, OK. Where else you hit? Just the leg?”

Victim: “I just need to go to the hospital.”

Officer: “OK we got them coming, got them coming.”

Police are still asking witnesses to come forward with information that could lead them to the shooter. Tips can be reported to the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 405-235-7300.