Some neighbors in northwest Oklahoma City said they are moving after a pot farm was recently approved.

They said the medical marijuana being grown close by won't be safe for them.

“I think a lot of good people will be moving out,” said neighbor Rachel Ruiz.

City Council approved the plan by rezoning around 10 acres of land surrounded by residential neighborhoods in the 9000 block of West Wilshire Boulevard for agriculture.

Jessie Escobar owns and lives on the property where the pot farm will be built. 

“I’m glad I listened to their concerns. That way I can take extra security precautions to make sure it is a safe environment,” said Escobar.

City Council approved the proposal by a 5-4 vote.

Escobar hopes to be planting by March 1.

“I feel like the City Council has not done their due diligence to see if a residential area filled with children is an appropriate place to put a pot farm,” adds Ruiz.

During the debate at the City Council, property rights became an argument for the proposal.