Police have arrested an Oklahoma County man accused of dogfighting.

Casper Ingram, 45, was arrested Tuesday by the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office.


Ingram faces 19 counts of cruelty to animals, one count of keeping a place, equipment or facility for training dogs for dogfighting and one count of owning possessing, keeping or training dogs for fighting.

Sheriff deputies received a complaint on December 11, 2019 of 10-15 dogs chained up at Ingram’s property on Northeast 50th Street in Spencer.

After obtaining a search warrant on January 29, deputies discovered 24 “pit bull type” dogs chained to heavy stakes on the property.

Investigators found the dogs malnourished.

Spring poles used to strengthen dogs and bait poles were found on the property by investigators along with medication, vitamins and other supplements used for dogfighting.

After being seen by a vet, many dogs suffered from tag marks, scars, open, fresh, and infected wounds. Many dogs were found with severe rubbing around their necks with exposed skin and aggressive behavior.

Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue has assisted the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter in finding the dogs seized new homes.

“I can't fathom someone doing this to these animals,” said Heather Hernandez, CEO of Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue. “I certainly wouldn't have any kind words to say to these people, I don't even know if I would be able to face them.”

“Momma,” a pit bull likely used for breeding, had her teeth pulled and was branded. The dog left the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter Wednesday afternoon to her forever home.

“Bare minimum is food, water and shelter,” said Hernandez. “They weren’t being provided that by these people who clearly cared nothing about these animals. They were just a dollar sign.”

Hernandez picked up four dogs from the shelter Wednesday to take to their forever homes, another six will be picked up Thursday.

Working with animal shelter staff, the dogs have made a complete turnaround.

“The shelter has been able to put on weight on each and every one of them,” said Hernandez. “The shelter, their behavior team, has spent countless hours working with every single dog, dog testing them, human testing them.”

Now surrounded by humans on their side, the future for these pups have never looked brighter.

“There is an organization, Fetch Fido A Flight, that we may look at partnering with just to make sure that the people who caused this harm, their family will never get a chance to have these dogs again,” said Hernandez.

Mutt Misfits is currently working to rehome these animals. Contact the rescue’s Facebook page for more information on how you can help or adopt the rescued animals.