Calling all troops!

A Guthrie family is asking for your help in getting a letter written in 1969 back in the right hands.

The carefully penned pages involve a service member from the Vietnam War.

Glendon Birdwell, who found the letter, said it's been a battle to find ties to the piece of history.

He said it was lying on his front lawn this past Saturday.

“When I first picked it up, I was like I thought it was a piece of junk mail, I didn't realize what it was,” said Birdwell.

Ms. Elsie Sandell from Fairfield, Iowa wrote her dear friend Pat.

The letter was postmarked January 27, 1969.

It mentions the holidays, daily news, and a person named Ronnie who was just discharged after serving his country.

“Found out that the original person that wrote the letter, her and her husband had two sons. One had died in WWII and then this gentleman,” said Birdwell. “Ronnie had just been discharged from the service before Christmas...Had been in Vietnam.”

Now, it's operation return to sender.

For Birdwell it's personal.

He too has a son in the armed forces, who's based out of Fort Hood.

“There are so many times that stories get lost,” said Birdwell. “Even if it is a distant relative that may have a clue as to who it may go to, or a friend that knows of the family. I just want to try and get it back to the rightful people.”

He said they need more boots on the ground, to help share the story on social media.

Now, they are calling in the cavalry, and pouring over every word on the carefully written page.