OKLAHOMA CITY - One of Oklahoma City's newest neighborhoods, the Wheeler District, is about to enter a new development. 
Phase one of construction for the new southwest OKC district is wrapping up, and phase two will bring dozens of homes and extra amenities. 
"More commercial, more residential, its really going to be a whole mixed-use community," said Director of Public Life for Wheeler Ashley Terry. 
The next step in construction will also include a neighborhood park and pool and The Big Friendly Brewery.
The neighborhood's new school, Western Gateway Elementary, is also in the works. 
"Its expected to open in August of 2021," said Terry. 
A parting gift from phase one is the district's first restaurant, Terminal Commons.
"Its the historic terminal building for the former downtown air park which opened in 1947," said Terry. 
Almost 75 years later, Terry said many people wanted developers to keep the building. It was decided it would carry on serving generations of people with the help of Urban Management. 
"We hope to kind of be a hub of the community," said one of the restaurant group's members, Nicholas Schaefer. 
He said their goal is for the Terminal Commons to be the place where wheeler residents start and finish their day. 
"Really going to be an all day cafe," said Schaefer. "In the mornings we will have coffee, pastries, pizza, sandwiches, salads," said Shaefer. 
He said they will also have a light cocktail bar in the evenings. 
For residents that move into a home during phase one or two, the restaurant will already be where they get their mail.  
Residents can expect Terminal Commons to open this spring.
This is just phase two of ten for the up and coming district, and Terry said there's plenty of space left to develop. 
"Phase one is 14 of the total 150 acres, so we have a lot of Wheeler coming in the next few years," said Terry.