A massive demonstration at the state capitol drew people from all over the country to fight for a bill outlawing abortion. 

They sang. Prayed. And lobbied. Hundreds of abortion abolitionists with one goal; ending abortion.

“In Oklahoma the morality is going in the wrong direction.  We’re now living in a culture of death and we want to support life. We believe that all human beings are made in the image of God,” said Dr. Billy Elkins of Trinity Baptist Church, Chickasha.

Senator Joseph Silk (R) Broken Arrow authored Senate Bill 13. It would outlaw abortion in all cases except when a mother’s life is in danger. There would be no exception for rape or incest. 

“Rape and incest are horrible things. But you don’t kill a baby because of the crimes of the mother or father. You just don’t do that,” Silk said. “There’s rumors going around that there’s no exception for the health of the mother. That’s flat out not true. If you think that you haven’t read the bill.”

A handful of pro-choice advocates counter demonstrated.  At times the two sides argued, but peacefully. 

“It’s a woman’s right to choose.  It’s a woman’s decision to make healthcare decisions for her body,” said Susan Braselton of Peaceful Presence Clinic Escorts in Tulsa.

Senator Silk has tried for three years to get a bill abolishing abortion passed with no success. He does not plan to run for re-election but said if the bill dies this year the fight to abolish abortion will continue.

“It’s really simple. They want abortion completely ended with no exception. They want children regardless of stage of life to be treated exactly equal under the law.” Silk said.