A Blanchard police officer is accused of strangling and biting his adult son during an argument.

According to investigators, he admitted to being drunk at the time.

McClain County Sheriff's Office is handling the investigation.

According to the sheriff, the father and son were here enjoying the Thunder game Friday night when things turned ugly as they headed home.

A protective order was filed Monday against officer Steven Wallis.

In it a judge orders him to "surrender all firearms."

The now disarmed officer was in court --facing two complaints of assault and battery, one by strangulation.

“We’d just gotten inside the house and there was knocking on our window,” said neighbor Keeton Kroos.

According to Kroos, he and his friends were at home in Blanchard when the officer's son started to frantically knock at his window.

“I see a kid that’s kind of scared, but not one of my friends,” said Kroos.

The victim told Kroos, his father a Blanchard police officer had just assaulted him after allegedly having too much to drink.

“He told me he just left the Thunder game with his dad, his father had been drinking a little bit, he said he didn’t want to ride with his father,” said Kroos.

He said while driving home from the Thunder game his father assaulted him.

“From the distress he and his father ended up getting into a fight,” said Kroos.

Once home safely he said the assault escalated with his father placing him "in a chokehold.”

Court documents revealed the victim began "to lose air."

He said as he tried to scratch at his father's eyes--his father bit his hand causing him to

"lose a top front tooth."

“There was a bite mark on his hand,” said Kroos.

Once free from his father the victim ran across the street for help.

“The kid said he was in pain, so we offered him Ibuprofen,” said Kroos. 

According to neighbors, the victim told them this isn't the first time he has argued with his father about his father’s drinking.

Blanchard police said they do not comment on ongoing investigations.