Police are searching for three men accused of breaking and entering into a northwest Oklahoma City home.

The two women who live at the home weren’t there at the time, but their dog was.

“I had come home and walked up to the front and saw pieces of wood on the ground,” said Kaylin Hill, the homeowner.

The three thieves were seen running in and out of the home for over an hour, taking high-electronics and other valuable items. 

“I had two OSU National Championship rings and two Worlds rings,” said Lauren Burgoyne, who lives at the home. “You just can’t get those back, I worked hard for those.”

They are trying to stay hopeful that they three will be caught by police soon.

“I hope they realize that breaking and entering into people’s homes is a dangerous game,” said Hill. “If I was a different person or someone who owned a weapon, they could have been killed.”

If you have any information on the suspects you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.