An Edmond driver is hoping the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) will repair his cracked windshield and shattered window after they were damaged by a passing salt truck.

It happened early Wednesday morning while he was driving eastbound on Interstate 40.

Janak Pandey said he was driving from Edmond to Newalla at a snail’s pace when a salt truck passed him kicking up debris.

“It hit my car over this part,” said Pandey. 

Pandey was maneuvering through snarled traffic and ice-covered roads when he said suddenly his windshield cracked as an ODOT salt truck passed him by.

“It cracked all the way over there,” said Pandey

The truck kicked up debris striking his windshield, and then his passenger side window shattering it.

“It was like boom, it was scary sound,” said Pandey.

He said because of the amount of accidents already on the interstate, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol was out in full force, and he was able to flag down a trooper.

“I stopped my car, I waived my hand and he came right away,” said Pandey.

After taking a report he said he continued on his way, minus a window.

“It broke my window and all the glass was inside,” said Pandey.

Pandey said he cranked up the heat eventually arriving at work to make temporary repairs to his car.


“It was like 29 degrees it was really cold,” said Pandey.

“I put tape and plastic so that I can go all the way to my house,” said Pandey.

News 9 spoke to ODOT. Officials said the case would have to make its way through the claims process and investigation.