Slick weather turned metro roads into a demolition derby on Wednesday. We saw everything from fender-benders to serious crashes.

AAA responded to calls for 229 tows and 88 flat tires, many from slamming into curbs. 

Alan Green has been a tow truck driver for AAA for 11 years.  

“It’s definitely people driving too fast for the conditions or just not making the right decisions at the right times, you know when it comes to turning or thinking that you can turn at a speed that you can turn on when the roads are clear and it’s just not…not realistic you know?” Greed said. “You hit a patch of ice and slip and it’s just you lose traction sliding out of control.”

Green said driving too fast for conditions doesn’t just put your life in danger. He said often it puts his life and the lives of first responders at risk too.