Douglas Park in northwest Oklahoma City was packed Wednesday, as dozens of children and families gathered there to sled.

“It was pretty exciting. I woke up normally and I was just ready for school, but then I didn’t go,” Ellie Morgan said of her snow day.

Mother, Stephanie Taylor brought her baby to the park for her very first snow.

“This is her very first snow ever and she has no idea what is going on, but she seems pretty thrilled about it,” Taylor said of her baby girl.

Visitors both young and young at heart sped down the hill on their sleds.

“I think it is a very good idea, considering the inclines here are steep,” Jake Records said of the park’s hills.

Even family pets got in on the action, running and playing.

“You really have a community out here. You see people you know, and you sled. You trade sleds and it's really fun because we don't get a lot of snow here,” Morgan said.