Police are searching for three suspects who burglarized Nichols Hills Drug this week.

“They were in and out. It was less than one minute,” pharmacist Melissa Burget said.

Surveillance footage showed the methods the criminals used.

“Three men jarred open the door with crow bars Monday morning at 1:30, came in the drugstore, got a trash can and took various narcotics,” Burget said.

Burget said this kind of crime is a huge headache for a small pharmacy.

“It makes for a lot of work for us and plus, its inconvenient for us and our patients,” Burget said.

Oklahoma City police are working to solve the case.

“A heavy-set black male, with either an eye tattoo or an eye piercing under his right eye can be seen what appears to be casing the Nichols Hills pharmacy. A few minutes later he comes back with two other accomplices. All three are heavy set black males,” Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Brad Gilmore said.


Burget said the store is installing extra security measures for protection.

Anyone with information on the crime can reach Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.