A Guthrie father is home Tuesday after being involved in an auto-pedestrian crash.

Authorities said Dan Borgensen was jogging with his son and daughter Monday night when they were struck by a vehicle.

Dan, his son Evan and daughter Caroline were hit around 6:30 p.m. on Forrest Hills Road. Caroline was thrown feet from her stroller. The family is expected to be OK, but the young girl remains in the hospital.

 “We have been saying a lot of prayers of thanks. God is good. He took care of me and my family,” said Borgensen. When I got to the hospital one of the only things I remember when I was there last night was, I was on a bed and my daughter was on a bed beside me. She was crying, she was upset. I just reached over and grabbed her hand.”

 Guthrie police said the crash was an accident, Dozens of bystanders immediately jumped into action, including a woman, Erin Adams, who happened to be a nurse.

It was really fortunate that that many people stopped that that many people were able to help. Those dark county roads, sometimes nobody comes up there for 3-4 hours. Sometimes that’s all it takes especially when it is this cold,” said Adams.

With everyone recovering, the family said they are counting their blessings.

“Cherish your family. Hug them. Hug them tonight, hug them every night. Tell them you love them,” said Dan.

Dan said his daughter Caroline remains in the hospital with lacerations to her liver.