A man is in custody after a chase ended in a standoff Sunday night.

Matthew Baker,41, had a warrant out of Tulsa County for his arrest.

Investigators told News On 6 it began as a traffic stop, but as an officer started walking up to the man's car, he took off.

Tulsa Police said officers chased after Baker for a while.

The department's helicopter flew over as officers tried to lay down spikes at several intersections.

"After he passed one of the officers on a side street, he turned around and actually rammed the officers police car with the officer behind it," Lt. Jared Hart said.

Hart said the helicopter pilot saw Baker bailing from his car near 58th Street North and North Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, and ran into a house across the street.

Tulsa police and Tulsa County deputies surrounded the home and yelled for those inside to come out. A woman came outside and told officers Baker was there.

"She wasn't involved, she said she was asleep on the couch when he ran in and went to the back," Hart said.

Investigators said as soon as they broke through the window, and called the suspect out, Baker surrendered.

"He had a felony warrant for escape. There was also a gun involved, found at the scene at the car where he abandoned it," Hart said.

No shots were fired during the chase or standoff.