Over 500 volunteers in Bethany decided they wanted to help fight world hunger by hand-packing over 100,000 lifesaving meals. The meals will be packed at the Bethany First Church of the Nazarene in just one day, going to hungry children worldwide. Several residents in Bethany came together for one goal.  To help children who need food.

“We have people that love the community, they love serving anywhere they can,” said Tori Siems with Bethany First Church of the Nazarene.  “Locally and around the world. So, it's really cool that all of these people are coming together for this one goal.”

Bethany First Church of Nazarene works with a nonprofit group called Feed My Starving Children, doing their small part. More than 1.3 million volunteers across the world packed nearly 365 million meals in 2018. Food that fed children that would have normally gone without.

“They're allowed to run, jump, laugh, play, have a life because of this food,” said Louis Hintz with Feed My Hungry Children. “They're able to just survive and live so this food just is really that foundation for these kids to be kids.”

More than 91% of these donations go directly toward feeding these kids. Once the meals are packed, they go to a network of partner organizations who distribute them to 70 different countries.   Volunteers in Bethany said this is a great step in supporting children who need it most.

“Everyone is very important in the world and that we can do something to help, that can make everyone a community and caring for each other,” said volunteer Elaine Wood.

Future events can be found at bethanyaz.org/mobilepack or fmsc.org.