OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Oklahoma - An Oklahoma County Assistant District Attorney was arrested Saturday morning on a domestic abuse complaint.  

According to Oklahoma City police, Robert McClatchie was taken into custody Saturday morning on complaints of domestic abuse by strangulation and domestic abuse in the presence of a minor.

According to neighbors they have seen McClatchie get heated with his wife before.

“I am always on walks and I have seen them get into arguments in the front yard,” said Skyler Harris, who lives down the street. “I have seen hear leaving as they were screaming at each other while she was trying to pile the kids in the car to leave.”

Residents said this has been going on for about a year now and hope McClatchie will learn from this.

“I hate to say I am glad he got in trouble for it,” said Harris. “But my concern has always been for the kids and her and that they are in a safe situation.”

District Attorney David Prater issued the following statement.

"Mr. McClatchie will remain in jail until he is released by a judge or when his bond is posted after a judge sets his bond, like any other person arrested on a domestic abuse charge. I am not intervening in this matter in any way. This case will be assigned by the Attorney General to another District Attorney to assist OCPD in their investigation and ultimately, make a charging decision. Mr. Mcclatchie will be treated as any other person in the same position would be."