The grandparents of two children missing since December 20, are pleading for help and information that could lead to their safe return.  

On December 20 the children’s maternal grandparents, Joy and Dan Newton, were supposed to pick them up at school.

“We were supposed to pick them up and have them for seven days and then we would return them to their dad, and he would have them,” said Dan Newton.

Joy and Dan Newton were supposed to start their Christmas visitation with 8-year-old Jaxon and 7-year-old Josie but presents are still wrapped under the tree since the kids never made it to school that day to be picked up.

“We just have not known their whereabouts or the conditions they are living in,” said Newton. “There are just so many variables that we do not know right now.”

Authorities believe that the kids are with their father, Gary Daniel Townsend. Townsend’s girlfriend allegedly told authorities he is in a jacked up black pickup truck. He is believed to be in Garvin or Grady County or even the Wynnewood area.

“We are both people of faith and we have a lot of faith that this is going to come to a good ending,” said Newton.

If you have any information on Townsend or the two children, you are asked to contact those sheriff’s departments.

Garvin County Sheriff’s Office: 405-238-7591

Grady County Sheriff’s Office: 405-224-0984

Wynnewood Police Department: 405-665-4360