Oklahoma City police arrested a woman Sunday after she allegedly attempted to kidnap a child. 

Authorities said the incident occurred at the Devon Ice Rink located in the 100 block of S. Robinson Ave. in downtown Oklahoma City. 

According to police, the woman attempted to take the child, but was confronted by the child's father. 

Tony Williams, the owner of Evelyn Faye’s Mobile Food Kitchen, turned the corner at the rink and noticed that something was off.

“I looked into the father’s eyes and heard the woman say she was going to take the little girl,” said Williams.

That is when Williams said he stepped in and helped the family out. He stayed with the woman who allegedly tried to kidnap the girl until police arrived.

Williams said it was a good thing there were people around watching out for one another.

“We have to keep an eye out for each other because there are sickos out there around our kids,” said Williams. “Since we were all around, we were able to step in and help and that is why things didn’t end as tragic as they could have been.”

Police said the child is OK and the woman was arrested. 

She has not been identified at this time.