GUTHRIE, Oklahoma - The International Finals Rodeo is hosting the world championship titles at Lazy E Arena in Guthrie. The Pro Rodeo Association decided to step in for the event and help victims in Australia after the recent wildfires.

Oklahoman's had a chance to put money in a boot that was passed around the arena, to help with relief efforts Saturday.

“Wildlife being run out of the woods and families losing their homes on the direction change of the winds,” said Ty Parkinson, a contestant from Australia.  “It's just unbelievable the devastation that's gone over the fires in Australia right now.”

The boot will be passed in 4 performances over the weekend. They've received almost $2,000 so far.  The funds will be donated to the NSW Wildlife Information and Rescue and Education Service for the rescuing and caring for native animals.

“I thought it was beautiful that so many people just had their hands up with money to give, it was lovely,” said Dianne Parkinson, the mother of Ty Parkinson.


“It's fantastic knowing that people over here care that much,” said Adam Hinkley, another Australian native competing in the Rodeo. “We're all in this together really so it's fantastic.”

The last performance will happen at Lazy E Arena Sunday at 1 p.m.