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When you’re playing slot games, you want to choose a game that’s going to win. Most people will go with their gut. They’ll say things like, “This one’s a winner, I just know it!”

The bet $50 and they didn’t win once. You can go with your gut, or you can learn how to tell if a slot machine is ready to pay. There are things that you can do that will be like an educated guess n

How can you pick a slot game that’s going to win big for you?

Read on to learn the signs to look for in slot games that will tell you if it’s likely to pay or not.

The Game Hasn’t Paid in Ages

If you’ve been watching a slot game that hasn’t paid in a while, you think that if you play it’s going to come up a winner. That’s a typical line of thought for many slot players.

There’s a secret here that many people haven’t talked about. The fact is that the length of time that goes by the game doesn’t pay out doesn’t increase your chances to win.

In other words, the probability of you winning doesn’t go up or down if a game doesn’t payout. The probability stays exactly the same each and every time.

Casinos love to use a bit of psychology to get you to play. There are some slot games that have progressive jackpots. That means that the longer a game gets played without someone winning, the amount that pays out increases. Some payouts can hit in the millions.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the emotional pull of the big payout and keep betting money. It’s the same effect that a big Powerball jackpot has. People will line up for hours for a ticket hoping that they’ll win.

This is one of the biggest mistakes that people will make when playing slot machines. It’s up to you not to get caught up in the hype and remember the true probability of winning.

What often happens is that players will play a machine for a period of time without winning. They start to think that the next one is the winner. Then the next one. Then the next one.

They usually don’t come in. They wind up spending more money only to lose. In that situation, it’s best to just walk away from the game and play another one.

Play Popular Games

Some slot games are a big hit with players while others sit there untouched. The reason why is that the popular games usually payout.

If you’re on a casino floor, you’ll want to take a few minutes to observe what’s happening on the floor before you start playing. Look for games that seem to always have a player. Those are the games that you want to play.

If you’re playing online, you’ll want to read reviews of games before you start to play.

Look for the Return to Player

Both online and casino slots will have what’s called a return to player percentage (RTP). This is the percentage of money that casinos pay to players.

Some states and gaming authorities have a legal limit as to how much a casino can keep. These thresholds are usually low, like 80%. That means that on average, if players bet $100,000 on a game, players can win $800,000 and the casino takes $200,000.

That’s not a bad profit, but that not a great return for players.

Remember that this is an average over a long period of time. It doesn’t mean that if you bet $100, you’re going to get $80 back. Some players get more than a 100% RTP, and others get much less.

You want to look for the RTP in a given game by checking out the game itself. Most games will have the RTP listed or you can read reviews. This review of Book of Dead Slot shows an RTP of 96.21%.

That looks like a game worth playing because it has a high RTP. Again, you’re dealing with averages with the RTP. You want to place a few bets yourself to see if your winnings are in line with the RTP. If it is, then keep playing.


Slot games are also volatile. Volatility refers to how often and how much a game pays out. The less volatile a game is, the more often the game pays. Those payouts are also a bit less because they’re so frequent.

On the other hand, a game with high volatility will payout less often. Those payouts will be larger to keep in line with the RTP.

Play the Max Bet

If you want to increase your chances of winning a slot game, you’ll want to play the max bet each time. This could turn a penny slot bet into a 25 cent bet, but if you win, it will pay off.

How to Tell if a Slot Machine is Ready to Pay

Playing a slot machine in person or online can be a lot of fun. It’s even more fun when you win. You can play slot machines in a way that doesn’t rely on your gut or whether you feel lucky.

You have to know how to tell if a slot machine is ready to pay if you want to take the next step in being a consistent winner.

You can do that in a few ways. The first is to not fall into the psychological tricks that casinos will use to get you to play longer. You want to take an approach that’s based on the number and real probability, not your gut.

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