The FBI and Apple Inc. are in a standoff over a couple of iPhones that belonged to a Saudi trainee, turned terrorist, who killed three American sailors at the Pensacola Naval Station. Apple doesn't want to give the government it's encryption secrets.

Here's what you had to say:

Pam in Mustang said, "Apple needs to act like an AMERICAN company, and help protect those who've protected it."

Elizabeth from Norman wrote, "When terrorism is involved, you have no rights - period. Apple needs to unlock those phones or face serious - and I mean SERIOUS - obstruction charges."

Jason is leery of the FBI saying, "I do not trust them so I'm siding with Apple."

Sharon in Tuttle said, "Kelly, I totally agree. The safety of the many overrides the privacy of the few."

Nancy said, "It could save the lives of many others! we need any information that person has to keep us safe!!"

Gerald in Newcastle wrote, "On matters of National Security, Apple should unlock the phones, or get a third grader to do it."

Finally, Donna said, "Funny how there was no issue giving up Devin Nunes' phone records, but a terrorist? (Heck) no, you can't have 'em!"

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's YOUR 2 Cents.