A local pastor said her kindness was taken for granted twice.

Oklahoma City police said the suspect broke into the victim’s church and helped himself to equipment worth thousands.

Police said the suspect broke into Anointed Acts Ministry in North Indiana and Northwest 38th Street in September.

According to senior pastor, Mary Thompson, the suspect entered the church through a side window, then walked out the door with more that $4,000 worth of office and sound equipment.

“He took the keyboard. He took the sound system. He took microphones, the best mics,” said Thompson.

Thompson said the suspect captured on surveillance video was no stranger.

“I was devastated. I couldn’t believe that he would do something like that. Because I was so good to him. He had preached at my church, he had sung at my church,” she said.

Thompson said a neighboring church confirmed her suspicions.

“We think we have your keyboard, and so I told them I would talk to my husband. And when my husband went down it was our keyboard,” Thompson said.

According to Thompson, the church identified the suspect as the person that sold them the keyboard.

“On the camera you can see the big rolling keyboard right there by him and he was carrying the keyboard stand,” Thompson said.

However, the serial number has been removed.

“Somebody might have gave it to him so police said we can’t do nothing about it unless we have proof,” Thompson said.

Thompson says she does have records for the other stolen items and hopes other people will come forward if they recognize them.

Thompson said this is the same suspect who burglarized the church two years ago and she forgave him. This time, she said she still forgives him, but he needs to face the consequences of his actions.