Newly released 911 calls are shedding light on the hours and minutes leading to an officer-involved shooting in Blackwell that left one woman dead and an officer facing charges.

According to dispatch reports, police started tracking her pickup after she shot at a driver.

Among the calls is one made by Micheal Godsey's mother. She believed her daughter was headed to Texas to clear her head when for an unknown reason she turned around--eventually rear ending a driver and opening fire.

911: What’s your emergency?

Caller: I was just driving down the road and I got ran into the back of, so I stopped to get out and my car got shot.

 911: Got shot?

Caller: Yup.

That call triggered an all-out search for a white pickup.

911: Did it turn off Main Street or?

Caller: I’m not sure I took off running.

An officer searched the area and learned the woman behind the gunfire was Micheal Godsey, a woman whose family they were familiar with. Just hours before, police spoke with her concerned mother.


Police: But she’s doing OK right now?

Mother: Yeah, right now she’s doing OK, a little defiant. I tried to get her to go some place in OKC but she says now she didn’t want to.

Police were now at their home where Micheal was armed.

Police: Shots fired! Micheal!!!

Police: Micheal! Toss that gun out! Ma’am don’t!

The officer called for backup.

Police: The vehicle is mobile!

Dispatchers alerted other officers including Lt. John Mitchell.

911: Keith called out shots fired.

Lt. Mitchell: Where? Where?

911: 322. 322. Four minutes ago. He’s got…

Lt. Mitchell: Where?! Where?1 Where?! Where?! Where?! Where?!

911: 322 West Oklahoma.  

While Micheal was driving, Lt. Mitchell, armed with an AR fired multiple shots through his windshield which prompted a number of calls to 911.

Caller: I heard 5 gunshots.

911: Yes sir. Officers have got it under control I’ve got to get off the phone OK? Just stay inside and stay down.

While two other officers fired their guns only once, Lt. Mitchell was indicted by a grand jury on a second-degree murder or first-degree manslaughter charge.

The state FOP and Mitchell's attorney did not respond to News 9’s call the day of the story for comment. 

However, in a previous conversation Mitchell's attorney said he believes the shooting was justified and his client will be cleared of wrongdoing.