Many vehicles were vandalized with yellow spray paint Saturday night near Southwest 4th Street and Main in Tuttle.

Some vehicles were left covered in profanity but thanks to a local church surveillance video, the two suspects can be seen.

“Hasn’t given us a really clear view yet but we are dealing with 2 suspects,” said Major Michael Scott with the Tuttle Police Department. “They look in the video to be younger.”

The camera installed facing the back of First Baptist Family Life Center is the one that captured the only evidence thus far.

“If the cameras shows the kids where they can catch them this is going to throw a message to the kids that we can’t just go do what we want to do because there’s cameras everywhere,” said Tuttle resident Leroy Bayliff.

It's tough to see much detail of the suspects, but Major Scott said this is all they have to go by at this time. With the number of vehicles, the suspects vandalized, if the cost of damage is up to $2,500, they could be dealing with a felony as opposed to a misdemeanor.

Scott said this many people getting vandalized at once is rare.

“For us a widespread vandalism, sometimes auto burglaries we’ll see several in our area,” said Scott.  “But for vandalism that’s a lot of cars for us.” 

If you have any suspect information, you are asked to contact the Tuttle Police Department.