SEMINOLE COUNTY, Oklahoma - After much debate and hard work Seminole High School students will be in a new building Tuesday morning.

A bond which had been denied twice, was finally approved after students and faculty went door to door convincing citizens of Seminole to approve a project which includes a new gym, band room, and technology including new computers and smart boards.

“It’s a beautiful building, it’s exciting going forward for the community,” said Dr. Bob Gragg, the Superintendent for Seminole. “It’s a great site, it’s going to be a great atmosphere and I’m just excited to be a part of it.”

The old high school building was around for 90 years and was just outdated according to some faculty and staff.

“It’s the first time in more than 4 years that we’ve had classrooms with windows, or a gym with heat and air conditioning, or full-size lockers, said Maya Carter, a junior student at Seminole High School.

The ribbon cutting ceremony took place Monday afternoon.  The bond was a $21 million bond project.