OKLAHOMA CITY - Futsal is one of the fastest growing indoor sports in the United States and for the first time it’s allowing local players to show off their skills.

Futsal is indoors and it's played a little more like street soccer. 

“When we say we’re playing Futsal, they go ‘well what’s Futsal?’ but when they see it everyone gets passionate about it,” said Chris Orcutt, the owner of Synergy FC.

Synergy FC is a local club organization which started this opportunity. Coaches who are a part of U.S. Youth Futsal travel around the country looking for candidates for their national team. 

For the first time, Oklahoma is hosting an event which allows local players to tryout and put themselves in a position to be selected.

“For us to come here to Oklahoma City to look at players from Oklahoma and surrounding states to find that next generation of players here is really key,” said Keith Tozer with U.S. Youth Futsal.

“We want to create an atmosphere to where no matter the player, no matter the level they can come into our environment and find confidence,” said Adrian Ables, coach for Synergy FC.

Ten to 12 players from each age group are chosen to be a part of the national team. From there, these players have an opportunity to continue to advance and even join the international team which includes trips to Barcelona, Buenos Aires, and Costa Rica.

U.S. Youth Futsal will announce their selected candidates for the national team next week.