From the merchants on High Street to the kids at her school, everyone in Hamilton, Ohio, seems to be pulling for Naomi Short. The 8-year-old girl is battling stage 4 brain cancer.

"I think about her all the time," said Naomi's third-grade teacher, Heather Schenk. 

Naomi has had 30 rounds of radiation, four surgeries and soon comes chemo. Chances of survival are just 30%.

"My dream is to just get like every treatment over with and to just hang out with my friends again," Short said.

Hamilton is practically willing her to recover. Teachers and kids wear blue in solidarity. Fundraisers have been held and jars dot business counters to pitch in with medical bills.

Sherri Hoskins' candle shop features a chocolate cake-scented version, which Naomi designed and the profits are donated. Hoskins said she's had customers come from "all over" just to buy it.

In a time of division in this country, the people of Naomi's hometown found a reason to unite.

"It makes me feel so happy that everybody cares about me this much," she said.

GoFundMe page has been set up for Naomi.