OKLAHOMA CITY - EMSA paramedics were busy Saturday with accidents on many of the interstates in the Oklahoma City metro, including multiple rollovers. 

According to EMSA, since midnight there's been 16 vehicle accidents, resulting in 5 people needing to be transported. They also responded to seven falls. The ice had built up over night leaving many of the metro roadways in bad condition.

“The overpasses, bridges those areas of course are always the first to go as far as freezing,” said Colin Roy, Field Operations Supervisor for EMSA.   

Roy works for the EMSA's Western Division. He said he feels the city was a bit surprised with freezing drizzle as opposed to snow.  Roy believes some of the accidents they responded to involved serious injuries.

“We don’t normally see a lot of rollovers inside the city limits,” Roy said. “But I think it’s kind of a testament just how much of a surprise the sleet was.”

EMSA is urging drivers not to get out on the roads when these types of icy conditions occur. However, if you do choose to drive, slow down, be aware of the road conditions you're driving on, and increase your following distance.

News 9 will keep you updated on any weather changes for the rest of your weekend.