EDMOND, Oklahoma - A new video shows a man allegedly shooting into busy Edmond traffic last week.

The arrest that followed was also caught on camera.

Police received several 911 calls Friday afternoon about a man shooting into traffic at the busy intersection of E 33rd Street and Broadway.

“Lunchtime, right there on S. Broadway. He initially told us that he fired his gun into the air, but we were able to obtain some surveillance video from a nearby business,” Edmond police spokeswoman Emily Ward said.

The video showed the man pointing his gun straight forward.

Moments later, the same video showed the suspect tossing part of the gun into the street, before partially undressing.

Witnesses pointed police to a nearby hotel, where they reported seeing the suspect jump the fence shirtless.

Body camera video showed officers arresting the suspect who was later identified as Reginald Lowry.

Police said Lowry is a felon and a member of a gang.

Investigators said Lowry told first responders he was on PCP and expressed remorse.

The district attorney will determine if Lowry will face drug and gun possession charges among others.

“He's shooting straight into traffic. It's a miracle that he didn't hit somebody, a car, or someone on the street or someone at a business,” Ward said.