OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma City Thunder are debuting new uniforms to pay homage to the victims and survivors of the 1995 Murrah Building Bombing Thursday night.

The different symbols on it include the survivor tree on the front of the shorts, the gates of time on the sides of the jersey with the reflecting pool, and the exact times on the inside vents of the shorts. On the tag of the jersey it reads "Service Honor and Kindness", widely known now as the core tenets of the Oklahoma standard.

On the inside of the jersey near the back there are a few words of remembrance for those killed and forever changed by the Murrah building bombing.

Officials with the National Memorial and Museum discussed with the players the importance that comes with them putting the jerseys on.

"They know when they put on a jersey that says Oklahoma City, it comes with a different sense of responsibility than some other cities have. We have to show the world that we were not defined by the bombing, but we are defined by our response to it. They are part of that," said Kari Watkins, the Executive Director of the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum.

The Thunder will take the jersey on the road twice this year to New York and Washington DC, both times in March to honor the first responders who came from those cities during the bombing.