Midwest City police are looking for a man accused of trying to burn down his ex-girlfriend's home.

According to investigators, Gerald Young ignited the blaze after his ex asked him to move out. The suspect's ex-girlfriend was at work when the fire ignited, and while Young denies setting it, text messages suggest otherwise.

The home is now undergoing repairs from the blaze that happened in September where one woman inside the home at the time of the fire, managed to escape.

Caller: There’s a fire in my home! I just woke up to it.

911: What’s your address?

A panicked woman grabbed her animals and ran from the burning home after smoke detectors sounded the alarm.

Caller: My back room, it’s a bedroom. It’s on fire.

911: Do you know what would have caught on fire?

Caller: I have no idea. I woke up to the thing going off.

According to court documents, the 911 call came in shortly after 6 a.m. When questioned by police Young, the homeowner’s ex-boyfriend admitted to moving his belongings out that morning but claimed he left exactly one minute before the fire erupted.

911: Is there anybody else in the house?

Caller: Not that I know of. No, but it’s coming towards me, I couldn’t get back in the house if I wanted to.

The ex-girlfriend told police several months prior Young had threatened "to burn the [expletive] down."

A review of cell phone records showed Young had called his ex 60 times. And minutes before the fire, texted her a message that read, "OK it's going down."

Young is facing a complaint of first degree arson.