Multiple fire department agencies from the Oklahoma City metro came together for firefighter training.

Mixing various departments together is uncommon according to officials, but they said this is the direction they wish to go in.

Bringing in entry-level firefighters from Midwest City, Oklahoma City, and Moore to work on different training exercises.



Officials said they believe the collaboration will help moving forward when large scale fires break out.

“We’re pretty excited about that,” said Wiley Gabehart, with the Oklahoma City Fire Department.  “It’s kind of unprecedented that we’re out here training with them and sharing the wealth and having a more inclusive community.”

“Part of that entry level training is learning how to handle grass fires and urban interface,” said Joe Bennett, with the OSU/OKC Fire Protection.  “These kids are learning those initial steps because when a grass fire does happen it does approach structures and we have to protect these as well.”

The plan is to do more teamwork drills like this in the future.  There’s been plenty of agency assists in the past between these local cities.  Collaboration drills like this can help these firefighters work well together.

“We want them to have a good sense of the skillset early,” said Brian Bush, with the Midwest City Fire Department.  “Foundations of these skills before we send them out to situations where they’re challenged with smoke and fire.”