BETHANY, Oklahoma - An Oklahoma City metro dispensary is raising money for the animals and people from Australia. 

One of the two owners of Great Barrier Reefer in Bethany, David Walker, was born and raised in Australia. Now he has dual citizenship and is hoping Oklahomans will give to those in need. 
So far in Australia 20 million acres have burned and dozens of people and around half a billion animals have died. 
Watching all this happen from Oklahoma, Walker said he and his co-owner wanted to do anything they could to help.
During the month of January the pair are donating 10 percent of the dispensary's sales and their all tips. They will be giving the funds to multiple non-profits that are helping animals and people in Australia.
Their hope is Oklahoman see the need and extend the Oklahoma standard overseas. 
"A lot of our pride and joy in Australia is our land and animals," said Walker. "To think all of that is burning right now is really sad. But that doesn't mean Australia is going to burn down forever. It's still going to be a gorgeous place to travel to."
Those that want to help can visit the store's Instagram page for more information. 
Walker said if locals don't have their medical marijuana card, they can still donate instead of purchasing products.