STILLWATER - The loved ones of a family ambushed in an attack in Mexico are trying to get them home.

Juanita Lopez, her two sons, and brother were in a vehicle traveling along the Reynosa-Nuevo Laredo road in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas when armed gunmen crashed into two vehicles.

Simei Lopez, 13, died late Saturday night after being shot in the heart and stomach, according to family members.

Juanita’s other son, Abdiel Lopez, 10, is conscious and talking. Abdiel attended Will Rodgers Elementary School in Stillwater.

“I was in shock,” a close family member who wishes to remain unidentified told News 9 out of fear of retaliation. “It was so sad because I know how hard it is to lose a son. I lost my daughter. We couldn't believe it.”

Juanita remains in critical condition and is in need of surgery immediately.

“She needs the surgery right now,” the family member told News 9.  “She is in emergency but they don't have the equipment in Mexico so they’re trying to bring her now to the U.S. so she can get surgery as soon as possible.”

The family was in Mexico on vacation, celebrating Christmas and the new year.

Close friends have started a GoFundMe page helping to reunite a family torn apart by tragedy.